«Barnacas I» (Barna=Barcelona, barracas means slum) is a long term photo-documentary project that attempts to visualize, through a conceptual reflection, the pre and post-Olympics Barcelona. Decades charged with post-war repression, famine, and migration.

This is the story of thousands of Spaniards who arrived in Barcelona to escape poverty or political persecution, looking for a decent future. In various locations of the city, these families settled in self-made slums and precarious shacks without electricity or water, and began to rebuild their lives in between hardship and hope.

Under the green forest leaves of Montjuïc, behind the walls of the old Fort Pienc neighborhood, or upon the hills of El Carmel, stories full of misery, but also with freedom and friendship are still alive. Following in the footsteps of Paquita, Isabel, and Montserrat, we can evoke even today, the dark episodes from Barnacas

Barnacas I: «Huellas en la Memoria y paisajes editados».