Marisa is a woman whose struggle began at a very early age, especially in adolescence, at which time she was placed in an institution for minors where she did not receive good treatment, from which she escaped and had to cope with difficult situations, among which she had to suffer prostitution situations generated by a pimp, who put her in a world where for a long time she could not leave. From this situation had her first child, from whom she had to take charge and fight so that it could develop. It was as in brothels where she had to constantly escape the situations of extreme violence she suffered, and was subsequently persecuted and punished for these actions of rebellion. In these struggles is that Marisa was dreaming of something better for her life, and looking for ways to get ahead.

Masa Madre is an experience born from the search for alternatives in favor of life by  this singular woman, who in her daily life still struggles to overcome the injustices of a system that margins, discovers in her desires to be able to construct new opportunities for other women who have to go through similar situations, situations that are especially related to gender violence, lack of possibilities to obtain their own resources in a dignified manner and the impossibility of accessing comprehensive health for them and their children.