I am a documentary photo-videographer and multi-platform producer of Belgian origin, living in Barcelona for the past 12 years. I have always been interested in the human scope of stories, particularly in themes related to collective memory, migrations, and the struggle and inequality endured by minority groups.

For this reason, five years ago I decided to entirely devote myself to photo and video documentary journalism, developing mid and long-term projects executed on multiple media platforms.

I have studied documentary photography at El Observatorio School in Barcelona, and with Pau Coll from Ruido Photo. Video and Interactive documentary 3.0 at the Centro De Fotografía y Medios Documentales in Barcelona (CFD), and Multimedia with Jose Bautista (Kansei Sounds) at the Institut d´ Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC). In recent years, I have also taken several courses, master classes and workshops to learn about novel forms of narrative and new trends in storytelling, such as transmedia formats, binaural immersions, and interactive documentaries.

Currently, I teach at the Date Cuenta Photography and Journalism School, Barcelona. I collaborate with, Cityhall of Barcelona districts, Museum of Barcelonan History, ONG Proide Spain, Fundación La Salle Argentina, Grupo Encuentro Argentina, and with journalist Jesús Martínez (Editorial La Carena).

I´m a member of Photographic Social Vision and affiliated with the UPIFC Image Syndicate. I´m available for assignments worldwide.

Some scholarships and awards: Finalist GAC_MAC Transmedia Script Grant, Selected #HacerWebdoc Madrid, Winner CFD Doc school scholarship, Winner Slideluck BCN, Finalist Berlin Hostwriter Grant, Shortlisted Athens Greece Photo Festival, Winner Pati Llimona Enfocats, Shortlisted III Social Rights Revela Award, Finalist Jiwar International Scholarship, Finalist Scholarship CC Forum Fotografic Can Baste, finalist  scholarship Albarracin.

Published in: El Cordillerano [Argentina], Old Revista [Brazil], Vice Magazine Spain, Geaphotowords, The Reset Project, Diagonal newspaper, El Heraldo newspaper, Boardilla Art magazine [Brazil], Date Cuenta periodismo libre, Eurodis Strange Diseases network.

Exhibited in the following Civic Centre Carmel Barcelona, Mercé Rodoreda Barcelona, Art Deal Gallery Barcelona, Civic Centre La Farinera Clot, Civic Centre Pati Llimona, Civic Centre Can Baste Barcelona, Pa-Ta-Ta Photo Festival Granada, Scan Tarragona, Sestao Photo Basque Country, Fine Art Igualada, CCCB L’alternativa, Docfield Barcelona, François Boix Library Barcelona, Basque dok Festival, Bilbao.


Children of the slums [ISBN: 9788416418800]
Released June 2016 [Co-Production with J.Martínez and La Carena Editorial] 
  • Lecture at the Abad Oliva University, Barcelona April 2018.
  • Lecture at the Guinardó Library – Mercè Rodoreda during the Barnacas Transmedia Project cycle, Barcelona November 2017.
  • Participation at the «Twelve» Photographic Market, Nou Bostik 2017.
  • Book presentation at the Can Baste Photographic Forum, Barcelona December 2016.
  • Official presentation (Book + WebDoc Trailer) 04 october 2016 Casa del Libro Passeig de Gràcia, 62-Barcelona. 

Available in a wide range of national bookstores and several libraries from Barcelona, in softcover format and as a digital E-book. 

WEBDOC [Interactive Web Documentary]: 

BARNACAS II, Childhood is the homeland [An Interactive web documentary]
Released Nov. 2017 [Director, producer, script, realizer, editor]2018
  • Round table Invitation (Transmedia Script Award) Mercat del Audiovisual Granollers, Spain June 2018.
  • Lecture at the Abad Oliva University, Barcelona 2018.
  • Presentation at the Barnacas Transmedia Project cycle, District Horta-Guinardó Barcelona, Spain. November 2017.
  • Workshop, Barnacas II at the Basque Country Architects College, Spain. October 2017
  • Selected and Pitching at the #Hacerwebdoc at Documenta Madrid, Spain. May 2017
  • Presentation class at the secondary La Salle School Buenos Aires Argentina. November 2016
  • Collective presentation documentary 3.0 projects [CFD]. Webdoc work in progress at Hangar Barcelona, Spain. September 2016.


Francisco Alegre, 41°25’ 03.6”N 2°09’54.5”E [A documentary short film]
Released Nov. 2017 [Director, producer, script, realizer, editor]
  • Screened at the Basque Dok Festival, Bilbao 2018.
  • Nominated Best short documentary at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2018.
  • Selected and screened at the Bibliocurts festival [Short-documentary Festival], Barcelona November 2017.
  • Presentation at the Barnacas Transmedia Project cycle, District Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona November 2017.
Invisibles [A documentary short film from The Visual Suspects team].
Released Sept. 2016 [Collaboration as Photo-Videographer, and as a Co-Producer].
  • Winner best short film documentary at the Contra El Silencio Film Festival, Mexico, 2018.
  • Exposed at the following Human Rights Festivals: Valencia (Spain) 2017, Festival of Catalan Cinema FIC-PIC 2017,
  • Social Critical Protest Film festival 2017, Puerto Monte (Chile) 2016, Barcelona (Spain) 2016, Free Net World Film festival (Serbia) 2016
  • Oficial Selection at Human rights Festival of Colombia, Uruguay, 2017.
  • Selected at the Documentary Section at the Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon) 2017.
  • Finalist at the Visual Sound Festival (Barcelona) 2017.

IMMERSIVE HIKING TOURS [A mix of historical memory and archive photography]

Inmersive guided hiking tours at the old slum soils of Barcelona. [A part of the Barnacas Transmedia Project Experience, and guided by one of the proganist from the Transmedia cicle]
[In colaboration with the Museum of history of Barcelona. [MUHBA] and the district city hall of Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona].
  • April 2018 with the Ferran Tallada Institut, Barcelona
  • November 2017 with the District Horta-Guinardó and the Muhba Museum
  • April 2017 with the Muhba Museum
  • May 2017 with the Muhba Museum


  • Presentation of the Barnacas Transmedia Project cicle,»The slum memory from Barcelona» at the Horta-Guinardó District, Barcelona November 2017.
  • Rarely Unique Strange diseases platform, at Cultural Centre Can Baste March 2016.
  • Barnacas at IDEAL BCN – REAL BCN Collective exhibition and Conference, Cultural Center Farinera Clot Barcelona Sept-Oct. 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle at the 2º World Congress of CDG Lyon France. August 2015.
  • The Vuriloche Kids at the Art Deal Project Gallery Night Screenings. July 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle at the Can Baste, Photo a la Fresca Night Screenings, Barcelona June 2015.
  • Barnacas at the Pa-Ta-Ta Photo festival screenings, Granada-Spain June 2015.
  • Barnacas at the Sestao Photo festival screenings, Basque Country-Spain April 2015.
  • Rarely Unique at the Picsharing Event March 2015 Barcelona.
  • The Sweet Battle – Oct 2014 at Pati Llimona.
  • Barnacas project at Scan Off screenings Tarragona festival 2014.
  • Barnacas project at the night -time screenings of DOCFIELD Barcelona 2014.
  • Aina at Pati Llimona collective expo- documental course Barcelona April 2014.
  • Barnacas project at Fine Art Igualada Feb 2014.
  • Barnacas Project. Festival L’alternativa CCCB  Barcelona – Nov 2013.
  • Barnacas Project. Speaking  Corner La Parada Barcelona – Nov 2013.
  • Transbordo Parada II + audiovisual. Aguaribay Poblenou- March-April 2013.
  • Transbordo Parada I. Café Tribal Poblesec – Jan-Feb 2013.
  • 3th Photography contests Francesc Boix. Biblioteca F. Boix, Poblesec- 2012.
  • Mountain Photography contest. Federación Excursionista de Barcelona- 2011.
  • Audiovisuals and Mountain Photography: La Farinera del Clot- 2010.


  • Barnacas Transmedia project, Gac-Mac Transmedia Script award, Barcelona Spain 2017.
  • Short Film, Francisco Alegre, 41°25’ 03.6”N 2°09’54.5”E. Selected at the Bibliocurts festival, Barcelona Spain 2017.
  • Barnacas II, Fransisco Alegre, Selected and participated at the #Hacer Webdoc-Documenta Madrid Festival, Spain 2017.
  • Barnacas II, Fransisco Alegre, Finalist at the Can Basté Photographic Forum, Barcelona Spain 2016.
  • Book; Children of the slums, Finalist at the International Hostwriter Award, Berlin Germany 2016.
  • Barnacas II, Fransisco Alegre, Selected at the Se Alquila Margen Exhibition, Madrid Spain 2016.
  • Barnacas II, Fransisco Alegre, Short Listed at the Escocesa Exhibition Award, Barcelona, Spain 2016.
  • Winner scholar ship CFD Documentary school of Barcelona (Video and Multimedia) 2015-2016.
  • The Vertical Communal Solution: Finalist at the International Jiwar award of Barcelona Spain August 2015.
  • Barnacas Project: Selected at Pa-Ta-Ta International Photo Festival of Granada Spain-June 2015.
  • Barnacas project: Short-listed at Athens-Greece Photography Festival (Reframing Memory) 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle: Winner portfolio contest at Enfocats Festival Pati Llimona Barcelona March 2014.
  • Barnacas project: Winner at Slideluck Barcelona March 2014.
  • The Sweet Battle: Short-listed at The III Revela International social rights award 2014.
  • The Vuriloche Kids: Finalist at the Can Baste Photographic Forum, Barcelona Spain 2014.
  • Barnacas project: Finalist at the scholarship of Albarracin Spain Oct 2013.