The slum-dweller memory from Barcelona.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where many foreigners want to live and have other cities contained within. However, little is known about its slum-dweller memory. With globalization making the world a smaller place, the city of Barcelona has welcomed many people from all over the world. The new immigration, coming from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, isn’t all that different from the old migratory waves:They are people who leave behind the plot where they were born to attempt a chance for a better life, overcoming any obstacles: it is the right of men to search for their wellbeing and that of their families. These are the same people as those who only yesterday rode the slow trains of Spain, making their way from the country to the city. During the 40s, 50s, and 60s, people from Andalusia, Galicia, and Aragon arrived in Barcelona…Working class families running away from their oppressors and the lack of opportunity. In Barcelona In the neighborhood of El Carmel, in the periphery, what at the time was practically the outskirts, and more precisely in the surroundings of the street Francisco Alegre is where the first waves of emigrants, what used to be our immigrants, our parents, started settling in. They built their own dwellings, to shelter from the cold and the wind.

  • Short Documentary, 27 minutes (2017)
  • Spanish with English Subtitles
  • Format: Full HD