Exposed work:

  • Upcoming: Memory marks among an Edited Landscape prevised Autumn 2015.
  • Barnacas at IDEAL BCN – REAL BCN Collective exhibition and Conference, Cultural Center Farinera Clot Barcelona Sept-Oct. 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle at the 2º World Congress of CDG Lyon France. August 2015.
  • The Vuriloche Kids at the Art Deal Project Gallery Night Screenings. July 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle at the Can Baste, Foto a la fresca Night Screenings, Barcelona June 2015.
  • Barnacas at the Pa-Ta-Ta Photofestival screenings, Granada-Spain June 2015.
  • Barnacas at the Sestao Photofestival screenings, Basque Country-Spain April 2015.
  • Rarely Unique at The Picsharing Event March 2015 Barcelona.
  • The Sweet Battle – Oct 2014 at Pati LLimona.
  • Barnacas project at Scan Off screenings Tarragona festival 2014.
  • Barnacas project at the night -time screenings of DOCFIELD Barcelona 2014.
  • Aina at Pati Llimona collective expo- documental course Barcelona April 2014.
  • Barnacas project at Fine Art Igualada Feb 2014.
  • Barnacas project. Festival L´Alternativa CCCB Barcelona – Nov 2013.
  • Barnacas project. Speaking Corner La Parada Barcelona – Nov 2013.
  • Transbordo Parada II + audiovisual. Aguaribay Poblenou- March-April 2013.
  • Transbordo Parada I. Café Tribal Poblesec – Jan-Feb 2013.
  • 3th Photography contest Francesc Boix. Biblioteca F. Boix, Poblesec- 2012 (finalist with exposition).
  • Mountain Photography contest. Federación Excursionista de Barcelona- 2011 (finalist with exposition).
  • Audiovisuals and Mountain Photography: La Farinera del Clot- 2010 (finalist with exposition).


  • Winner scholar ship CFD Documentary school of Barcelona (Video and Multimedia)
  • The Vertical Comunal Solution: Short Listed at the International Jiwar award of Barcelona Spain August 2015.
  • Barnacas Project: Selected at Pa-Ta-Ta International Photofestival of Granada Spain-June 2015.
  • Barnacas project: Short-listed at Athens-Greece Photography Festival (Reframing Memory) 2015.
  • The Sweet Battle: Winner port folio contest at Pati Llimona Barcelona March 2014.
  • Barnacas project: Winner at Slideluck Barcelona March 2014.
  • The Sweet Battle: Short-listed at Premio Revela International social rights award 2014.
  • The Vuriloche Kids: Finalist at the Can Baste Photographic Forum, Barcelona Spain 2014.
  • Barnacas project: Short-listed at the sholarship of Albarracin Spain Oct 2013.